What is Streaming Media?

Streaming media lets you stream media over the Internet. Instead of the traditional media files streaming media is played directly via the browser that is installed on the device of the user. Streaming media sites host an audio player or video player that converts data packets as audio or video and then plays them on your behalf. Media files cannot be stored on the client device but are removed after the user finishes watching or listening to them.

The term “streaming media” refers to the transmission of audio and video files over a computer network. Unlike traditional media files, the content plays immediately. It is not stored on the device’s internal hard drive but rather, it’s retrieved from a distant location which is then transferred over the internet. Streaming media is available via wireless and wired connection, and it can play on a variety of devices.

Most commonly used kind that streaming media can be described as called video on demand. This lets viewers stream movies and television programs online. They can even watch videos, music as well as live TV programs. This type of media is mostly available on TVs and laptops. Additionally, it is compatible with phones as well as tablets. Numerous streaming media providers are available, such as Pandora, YouTube and Netflix.

Streaming media can be transferred through a network using HTTP or an alternative proprietary protocol. The media is split into packets, each of which contains tiny pieces of video or audio. Every packet is later translated by an audio/video player into videos or audio. In addition the real-time transport protocol can be employed.

Streaming media speeds up the process of the downloading of media files. Downloading video files takes the space of a hard drive and is a lengthy process to move. Streaming หนังใหม่ล่าสุด is more efficient since the browser plays each video frame by chunk instead of storing it in a local file. Streaming media can be faster than downloading as there is no buffering time.

Streaming media has advanced a considerable distance since its first appearance. The existence of computer networks was limited in the early 1990s. The media was delivered via various channels. These included CD-ROMs that were installed on the computer of the end user. Computer networks were more widely employed in the early 2000s, and could be accessed by increasing numbers of users. With the aid of common protocols and formats streaming media became a viable and popular way to deliver media.



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