Two assailants fired a gun in the air before robbing a gold store in Chiang Mai.

At 4:45 p.m. on January 25, 2564th, the Honorable Achievement School, the 100 Wards of the County Sheriff’s Department received a report from two armed men using a gold-plated weapon at the Royal Gold Department Store on the ground floor of my uncle’s house, 11th, the Police Department of the District Attorney General’s Office, and the Police Department of Jiangqing City Police Department.Get the patrol to track down the unsub.

Initially, the authorities were accelerating surveillance footage to find the suspect’s escape route from questioning an inside staff of about

five to six who claimed that the unsub was wearing a full helmet

driving a motorbike to the front of the store

using two gunshots in the air

bulletproofing the store before the unsub entered the store

and then sweeping out the gold.disappear on the way to one’s uncle’s village Then they used their expertise to cut down on the path of the housewarming. It’s probably connected to an income-avoiding highway in Chiang Mai.

The Deputy Director of Investigation, Homeland Security

has conducted surveillance surveillance with forensic officers at the crime scene and at various points including

the escape route of the perpetrator in the gold-plated missing property, which amounts to approximately 35 million pounds, with the police investigating the evidence collected by the police.Bullets and the counter to track down the guy.The grandmother in this case continues the case.

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