Turn yourself in. Second grade gang, beer bottle, you’re crying.

yourself On the 26th of June, 64th, in the case of a second-class gang

a school in the middle of nowhere

more than 10 people rode a motorbike and rode around throwing

a bottle of beer at a village house until they suffered three times in the last 3-23rd grade

and the incident was known to have caused a great deal of distress to the villagers

and the glass was not cleaned.Well, that’s been reported to the Sand Council to track down

the gang until we know that all the kids are on the second floor of one school in the city. A. Looking for sand.

yourself  The latest progress, the parents have taken all 13 children into the presence of a medical examiner

an astrologer, a Sand Council member, to identify the child by confessing to being the person in the security camera.

The cause of the attack was to build a defensive power base, afraid of being attacked by a group of teenagers in the village of Coke.be wounded

Then there was a 47-year-old general Chidziri, who came to the police station to negotiate with the parents

who were initially unconcerned, but who taught the children by training

and then the 13 children came to hear the statement and the testimony.Teaching the general willingly

by all the children promising that no such events will occur again, greatly relieving the parents.

Especially the 70-year-old, 14-year-old grandmother of the D.H.A.

who shed tears after the D.H.A., apologizing to her for her hard work.They all had a new family

and I raised them when I was a little girl, and I got them everything I wanted

and I got them one last time I went down to a new motorcycle

ready to send the first shipment by the end of the month, and then I got them to drive a car.

But I’m also glad that you’re willing to admit your guilt and promise to be a good person

after which I will continue to teach you to take this case as an example.

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