The Taiwanese boy was fined over $30,000 for breaking and entering.

A Taiwanese boy living in the middle of Taiwan has to pay $1 million or $35,000 for violating a detention order at least seven times within three days.

Such a man traveled back from working in mainland China on January 21st

and was held for 14 days in his own apartment

but then left home for shopping, car repair, etc., and

the sea.A neighbor who found out he was in violation of a restraining order.

The mayor of ransom states that this person’s actions are gravely criminal and must be severely punished for

the penalty this man has to pay is the highest rate in Taiwanese at the moment, subject to payment of a fine.About $3,000 a day, or $107 a day, and the $1,000 a day compensation from that government will no longer be paid due to lack of qualifications.

Taiwan is one of the countries that has succeeded in controlling

the spread of Kowloon disease by means of measures such as carpet detection, surveillance of

the outbreak and strict quarantine measures.Now, in December 2020, foreign workers from

the Philippines were fined $3,500 for violating the detention measures at a state facility in a space of only eight seconds, with images on their security cameras.

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