The Soviets hatched an anti-Asian hack after the ’84 Thai man was pushed to his death.

In the Soviets of the death of his 84-year-old Thai loyalist… …after being pushed down by a 19-year-old boy

while he was exercising in the vicinity of his home in San Francisco, the United States.

Most recently, Thai and Asian people across the United States have changed their personal profiles in

the Social Media account, Arti Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to a drawing of the subject and posted such an image

with Hatchtack #Vicha Ratanapakdee #JusticeForVicha to mourn and commemorate the passing of your class.The world has to face.

While 19-year-old suspect, Anton Watson, was brought to trial last Wednesday 3rd, denying charges of murder and assault on

the elderly, the judge only asked the reporter to videotape the suspect from behind without revealing his face.

After taking Mr Watson out of the courtroom, it turned out that an old woman shouted out

“I love you, Anton,” who later became Mr Watson’s grandmother, and when the reporter asked her what she wanted to see next, she said, “I want you to walk out of the courtroom, get your freedom.”

Previously, Mrs. London Breed, Mayor of San Francisco, along with Bill Scott

Chief of Police of San Francisco and Cheza Boden, San Francisco’s District Attorney, launched a joint online press release on January 2nd to highlight local crime.

Mrs. Breed insists that the perpetrator must be held responsible for the most abominable act she has ever seen

because San Francisco is a city she’s grown up in fear of, and the chief of police and prosecutors also insist that the accused be brought to justice.

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