The Mayans are here. ♪ February 10th, Separate the day from the day of the dictator. ♪

A Mayans of people gathered in front of the Cultural Arts Hall in Bangkok on Wednesday (10th of January) when the people of both Thailand and Myanmar came to a gathering knocking pots to expel dictators and demand democracy.

One of the Mayans, who was told there would be a democracy rally in Thailand through the Social Media, took the opportunity to call on the Mian army to release several leaders of the National Democratic Party (NLD/ENLD), including Mrs. Aung San Suu Kyi.Like his mother and the Mayans, the people and friends who came to the gathering refused to accept the authority of the army that seized power.

Meanwhile, a rally in several cities of Maine has been going on for the fifth consecutive day, and government officials have found violence disrupting the rally, especially in Neclaw.

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