The funeral of the “Dog of the Temple,” the ritual of moral-human activity.

People at the “Dog of the Temple” believed that the former country was a nobleman with a strong old artistry

“Dog of the Temple” (24 January 64) Surrentine County press reports that at the end of the Blessed Village, Luguched County, Buched County… Suriname has about 300 villagers gathering for a funeral that may look like a simple funeral, but strangely enough,

the fact that in the coffin where the people are doing the funeral is a dog named Fatty

8 years old, sick, so the people can see an eight-poster burial.

In the ceremony

the villagers and the weeklies arranged the ceremony as usual, starting last night, there was a moral ceremony.

Until this afternoon

there will be a funeral for the fat man or the fat man who died on

17 January 64 The ceremony allowed the villagers to attend the ceremony of laying the moonflower

removing the broom cloth, and then burning the dog in the final order

which, after that, would gather the dog bones for the ceremony again on Tuesday morning.

On the side of the village

the village priest says that the animal burial ritual acts like

a man who has been bunched and dedicated to charity

The cost of the ritual was a sacrifice

and the eight-year-old fatso was a dog of the priest who lived in the village priesthood

who died sick by his stepfather, but was very small and had a love and bond

and slept together, so they wanted to perform the funeral properly, so they decided to do it this time.

The reporter also asked about the baby frame attached to the Thai costume. What’s with the funeral today?

Is it true that it is the belief of this community that someone

in the community dreamt that in the past the fat man

was a baron with an old craftsmanship but cheated him in the past,

and then died a dog that fit the dream of being born a fat man who was the father’s pet? When the fat man died

the villagers came to the funeral, as if to burn all men for the comfort of the community

so that the souls of the dead could continue to rise.

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