The famous expert, “Trumbs” used to surround medical personnel with positive thoughts.

“Trumbs”1 G.P. — Recently, Anthony Fazi, a leading U.S. infectious disease expert

said former President Donald Trump had surrounded medical personnel with

the view that the situation of the new variant of

the Corona virus (COVID 19) was relatively minor in the United States.

While interviewing the New York “Trumbs” Fascia recalled when he was a member of the Covid-19 task force,

the White House under Trump’s administration, revealing that the former president had been trying to cover up the situation since the outbreak of Covid-19.

“I’m beginning to realize that there’s something wrong with trying to explain and reflect the gravity of the situation.

The response of the former president is usually comfortable, relaxed, persuading you not to think too much about the problem,” Faisi said.

Faisi revealed about the management’s handling of a major epidemic under Trump’s leadership that

the former president often assessed medical aid as “not based on evidence, but rather on a combination of minorities,” which makes Faisi extremely anxious.

This medical expert also admits that he argued with Trump about the assessment and management of this epidemic

by the Faisi who evaluated the negative situation for Trump twice, but Trump always says positive, don’t look so negative, look positive.

Despite this, data from Johns Hopkins University indicates that the United States has more than 26.09 million

patients with COVID 19 and that more than 440,000 patients died by midday (31 milligrams) by the United States, with

the largest collection of patients and deaths in the world.

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