The air-conditioned post girl pretended she couldn’t pick up

air-conditioned the post girl found the airline’s airhostess, and she couldn’t help but pick up her purse on the plane when she got hurt on her cell phone and her other hand was holding the phone at home.

air-conditioned It turned out to be a post spread around the world online after a young woman posted a

Facebook complaint about the work of a flight attendant, who said she had just gotten a job.Leaving the hospital with a New York injury while on the plane to the seat, the other hand was talking to the house on his cell phone and asked AirHostes to help him pack his bags in the baggage hold, but was refused.

The incident pissed her off and said to AirHostes

“It’s nothing heavy, but it can’t be done if you don’t want to leave work at home.

” And yet, she insisted, “I don’t want to do this.I’ve traveled many countries myself, never seen anything like

it, and I’m willing to tell the Air Force what they have to do.

However, the Civil Aviation Commission’s requirement, No. 69

that the provisions on passenger luggage be set out in section 5, “Passengers are responsible for storing their baggage in the cabin and for complying with the orders of the air traffic controller regarding the storage of such baggage.”

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