Lieutenant Ballyan’s wife never had an affair. She only split for 30 minutes.

Ballyan’s On February 12th, 2564 a beautiful woman will say good Monday, 33 years old, school wife, good Monday, 34 years old, lieutenant Duryang, 210 infantrymen who died in a military camp last night, February 10th, 2564 had no thoughts of her husband’s death.Before, a girl who’s been married for seven to eight years had a six-year-old son who was eating together, fighting over a little family thing, a husband who loved his family, never had a problem with a woman.

Ballyan’s the point is, if it’s possible, it must be a misunderstanding, because usually the husband is an artist, he knows a lot of people, maybe a woman comes in and talks to him, says hello, because he’s basically a nice guy, but he never has a deep-rooted problem because he’s always close to his husband, which is probably part of the reason why his opponent was mistaken, which is why he fired the wrong shot.Oh, ’cause you might understand that your husband’s already involved with a woman who has a boyfriend.

Another point is a conflict with a colleague or a problem with someone as violent as never before, by a husband in charge after graduating from military school in 2548, working in Pattani and moving to the 21st century, around 2560, the husband’s family was basically a man, a man, a man, a woman.

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