I’d like to win the first prize after the teacher’s day before the first two numbers.

I’d like to for a pickup truck that sank at the bottom of a 15-metre-long pool, found behind

the avash who hired a Backho to dig up

the pool, last time with two straight numbers on the back of the entire village.

Today, on the 28th of June, a reporter was reported to have found a pebble tree under the bottom of the pool while it was being measured.The villagers brought it to the temple and prepared for the cleansing and perfumery ceremony, with over 100 villagers attending the ceremony, so they went to check it out.

A large log was found on the steel leg inside

the tent, and a number of villagers were making a request with a water purifier to clean

the log.15 meters in length, 3 meters in depth, and 2.5 meters in depth.

I’d like to for there’s also a piece that’s supposed to be the branch branch branch of the log tree

eight more when it’s cleaned, and then there’s the perfume mat, and then there’s

the tea mat.Dust powder soaked and patted almost all the trees white

and then covered them with a white blanket, including seven colored cloths, tied to the trunk.

After the ceremony, the villagers in the area took their phones and looked at the points on the grill

hoping to see the numbers and risk their luck on the day.This 1st page, 2564.

From questioning the Priest Siritummo, the monk of the house of St. John

revealed that on the 14th century, 2564 it was found that

he hired a backpacker to dig up the pool.The temple is deeper because it wants to be a water reservoir inside the temple.

While the car was only digging for the first time, the excavator hit the solid, and went down to explore it

and found that it was a hot tree in the ground, so that the backho was digging and lifting it up.On top, with branches, and from the inspection, it’s found to be a firecracker.

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