“Big Brother” is a six-pack of pots, necklaces all over Thailand flowing after a lucky hand.

“Big Brother” The reporter reported that after the villagers of Shing J.

Surret took part in a number-hitting ceremony and won all three straight and two straight prizes in the past year, until it became popular all over the country, leading local gamblers in many areas to start a search for the number-hitting ceremony.

Especially at around 8:00 p.m. on January 31, 2564 in Mr. Lee’s neighborhood, Meiya glass in the 7th district of the temple

the god of healing A.S. Surynth, a number of villagers and martial arts groups have arranged flowers, candles with a harpsichord or eunuch 5 to perform an unsuspecting request.Ma, according to the ancient belief of the “Patient” too, this time it’s the second best number after the last one

and it’s also two straight numbers, but it turns out that this time it’s six, hoping to put six of the best numbers at risk for the supernatural. 1st of February.

By the time you get there, meet Mr. Lee Meiya. The villagers and the monks helped each other to bring the paper

the pen, to write a sequence of numbers from 0 to 9, one set of numbers together, and cut the separate paper

and then organized the procession, worshiping the Holy Spirit, who, according to

the ancient belief, would bring the scroll of the book of numbers, slowly falling from the mouth of the beast.Most importantly

the hole in a beehive will only have to turn its mouth eastward, just like this beehive that fits all ancient books. So he can perform a medal ceremony.

Then all the villagers and the peasants sat waiting until the beggar put the number paper up in the hole

and after sitting for about 20 minutes from 8:00 to 20:00, the beggar slowly rolled up

the paper and put the number 274 in the hole, and went back into the hole.

“Big Brother” While waiting for people to figure out what the next number will be

when the next five numbers come to a close, the villagers set the number to 274, 45 24, 25, 27.75

After the old man went back into the hole with no sign of coming out with any more numbers

went through a group of people to see two more papers, and when he came out with 0 and 6, they were happy that it might be big luck because the six of them were all 274506.

Mr. Lee Meiya said that this time, the beekeeper would give six lucks, just like the last one

where the villagers and the owners both believed that six numbers would go hand in hand with their favorite numbers to put the best numbers at risk.

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